Walking through the frozen hoth.

I thought I was in a Star Wars movie awhile back. Walking through a small nature preserve, Daleys Point.

The land was half covered in snow, half in different textures of earth. When walking under the immense fir trees, their needles covered the ground in brown and green. It particularly helped, when walking over the snowy trail where packets of ice formed, by the sun and peoples tracks. The needles formed a good grip. No leaves on the trees, but only the rusty brown leaves from a fall gone bye.

Ducks were sitting near the cove, one with a neck of glistening green, shining in the sun. We did not scare them off, as we tip toed by them. Then, we could see the wood chips on the ground, near a few poplar trees. There, our old friend, the red headed woodpecker, had made a visit here not too long ago. We seen him many of a time on our voyages here, making his knocking sounds, burrowing out a centimeter hole in the wood.

Then a little farther near some aromatic cedars, a partridge stands pecking on the trail. It may have seen us, but we continue to gaze, and watch it as it wanders off into the seemingly lifeless surroundings. With no cover to hide, the predators must be tiring it out at times.

Then our voyage ends, as we pass by an old pine tree, that could be over 300 years old. I would not be able to put my arms around it. Two people, may not be able to put their arms around it. And the chickadees chirp, and visit us, wanting some seed from our hands. Forgetting to take some, as they will fly right into your hands, the squirrels bantered back in forth in jealousy. They thought those little birds were indeed, getting a hand out.

A good walk, fresh air, and a little snow and sun. No mosquitos to bother us today, as it will be another 3 to 4 weeks before they make a little appearance. That was our time in the woods.

I think we should all make time, to get out to enjoy our parks and recreational areas. Till next time...


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