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Testing the 24 hp Craftsman lawn tractor.

My 24 hp lawn tractor from Craftsman, sat in the garage for a few days. I was working a little too much to try it out. Yesterday, a day off, finally I had a chance to spin the wheels. This machine is said to be built on contract, by Husqvarna.

First getting on the machine, I wondered if it would start. After all, the machine was probably in the warehouse for at least a 8 months or so? Maybe cold, warehouse, where the battery would drain fast. I pulled up on the park brake, to make sure it was not engaged. Then turned the key, nothing happened. I thought, time to get the battery charger. Then a second thought, nope, you have to press on the brake, which is on the left side of the machine. Then start. It requires a brake being pushed in, to start.

The machine started up right away. I then pushed the back right pedal for to go backwards. I wanted to back out of my garage. Nothing happened. I then pushed the front right pedal to go forwards. Nothing happened. I did this a few times. Then I shut the machine off, getting off, I looked at the back of the machine. I seen a rod, that was there for to disengage the transmission, to make it easier to push when being hauled. I then pushed in on the rod, and I could feel it latch. Doing the process over, I pressed the brake, then started the machine. This time, the machine would back out of the garage on its own.

Driving around, the machine felt comfortable. Then I engaged the blades to test them out. It worked fine, engaged fast, and even was surprised on how fast the cutting blades disengaged when I pushed the lever back down. I was quite impressed, with the effortless movement.

The only problem I did have, was with the cruise control. But, it was due to my own fault. You see, at first, I went on You Tube to figure out how to operate the machine. I even looked at the Husqvuarna machine, and it had the same knobs and parts. It looked the same. This was days ago, and I forgot a little about it. I thought I did not receive the operations manual, as I thought it was a copy of a parts manual (English and French). So I figured I had to go on the net, to figure out how to operate it. The cruise control lever, you have to pull up and hold it there for a few seconds. Then, take pressure off of the gas pedal slightly to around the speed you require, and let the cruise lever go. It will lock in. I tried it later, and it worked fine. The cruise control worked, time after time.  The machine worked great. Hopefully it will continue, over the long haul.

I found the operating manual a little bit later. I was frustrated that, I did not see it in the package. I checked it out way after in checking for registration information, and luckily enough, I found I did the right steps in working the machine, just by luck.

The transmission, it says, has to be primed after being moved around. To do so, I had to unlatch the transmission from the wheels. Which, I did not know that I did. Then go forward, reverse, without it even moving. Phew. Then, it actually said, to drive slowly backwards, forwards, to get the transmission ready for the hard work. I did this by chance, as I wanted to just try the machine gently first to get the feel for it. Phew.

I was going to call Sears, for the operating manual. I am glad I found it. I am glad the cruise control works. It sometimes is just the purchasers fault, in not reading the operating manual, that causes problems for the person and the retailer. So now all the problems caused by myself, are ironed out. I just thought I had two parts manuals, which was not the case at all. The only thing, is that the Operating Manual looks exactly like, a Parts manual.

Oh well. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder, and the answers are right before our eyes. Till next time....


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