Tax Professional asked about my book at least 8 times.

Yesterday while doing my taxes up, the Tax Professional asked about my business. I replied that as an author, I believed I classify as a small business. She smiled, and asked more into the subject. She told me her teenagers read constantly. I informed her that it was a comedy fiction novel, "The Supermarket Guy".  She smiled, and had to control her laughter. She explained the title, was a very good choice. That it had the Super in it. I shrugged my shoulders. So far, I figured, in my mind, what did I know.

It is the first time I met someone, who had a feeling of euphoria or being giddy, at the knowledge of my book. So we continued on with talking about slips, RRSP, ect, and then the book subject came up again. Where is it on sale.

I replied, everywhere through the world. On the internet, as I clarified further. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Saxo, in Japan, Europe, and China. All over the world, really. I told her that honestly, brick and mortar bookstores have a hard time to take copies in, as being afraid of being stuck with them. She smiled further.

I told her I sold a few copies up the road, in which I sold a few this past month. She said she would go look for it, and suggested she would buy it.

She brought up the subject, asking about the process of making the book. The production. I told her, that she could do a book on taxes. She began to laugh again. I explained to her, what I did know about the process, and what I did get through it. The website, shopping cart, promotional items, editing, proofreading, ISBN number, and placed on Amazon, 10000 e mails to media outlets, ect.

It is the first time I met someone that was so upbeat, about my book, without even reading it. I gave her a card, which showed the cover. It made her also laugh. My friends have read it, who then came over to laugh in my face afterwords. But, this will always leave a lasting impression on me. My Tax Professional that smiled and tried to hid her joy, asking about my book, through the process of my tax preparation.

Life is strange, but beautiful in respect that there are still some people out there with a smile lodged into their hearts.  Till next time....


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