The Supermarket Guy Book of Poems

Very cold day, but windy in Northern NB. The Supermarket Guy Book of Poems is ready to be printed, but will be have to be polished off a bit before sending it to the publisher. Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy, is likewise ready to go, but needs to be polished off. This usually takes a few months of work. I did not work on Part 4 yet, as I was trying to get a little break from writing.

But, I am unsure if Poetry, does sell all that well. I have heard that, unless you are a famous writer (which I am not), it probably will not sell. But, it is the same as the Print on Demand business. Only 500 of the 10s of thousands really do good out there. I am not in the top 500, that is for certain.

The reality of it all is, if Part 2 of The Supermarket Guy does not catch, or sell a modest amount, I will probably not even publish the book of poems, or Part 3. I just have to accept reality, that there is no market for my writing. Or my style of humor. Sales have not been that great, to be truthful.

I will probably try to start a business around this area in the future, or some other endeavor. I will give it a year, and then afterwords I will start to dismantle my E blogger. I will begin to get away from the book business, and take down my internet site. I may open up a coffee shop, not to far from here. Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, ect ect.

But, a year is a long way to go. I will see what the near future holds... Have a good afternoon, till next time...


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