Northern N.B. job losses.

If it was not for the pulp and paper industry leaving town, the recent government cuts in the Department of Natural Resources and our civil service, have left us we less jobs . They are going in opposite direction to FDR's job creation plans during huge unemployment. I am sure, even the Department of Transportation will do with less as well. A Power Plant closure nearby, leaves a town with even less tax revenue coming in to its coffers. The local Brunswick Mine, which employs approximately 900 jobs will be shut down come 2013.

Our towns in the north, were one horse towns. One, or two, driving industries behind the economic drive here. There seemed to be little plans, during the good times, to make things bigger or better.

What does it take, to expand an area or to make it grow bigger? It takes a good salesman.

A good salesman, is someone who can look into your area and see huge benefits to companies that want to move somewhere. This person, unfortunately, has to be a politician. There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in the North. It is a great place to live, and we have one of the most beautiful Bays in the world. It belongs to the club. I know someday, the jobs will return to the North. Someday, the area will gain predominance again as an economic engine of some stature.

But, for now, we wait... Have a good evening, till next time..


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