Natural Gas below 2 dollars per 1000 cubic feet.

The price of Natural Gas is phenomenal. The prices were low, due to a mild winter and a production boom. A production boom, which is probably due to the fracking industry.

It is lower than the high price of oil, and coal, for power consumption requirements. If it is one thing, it eventually will go up. It just depends on how many customers hook up to it, in the future. As more companies see its price as an advantage to competitive fuels, they will start to burn it. It may take several years for the price to go up. But as it stands now, with the oil refining capacity as the way it is today, oil prices may stay around the $ 1.40 cent mark. For the economy to run good, we always hope it runs lower. They always said we had low gas prices in North America, but that is really what keeps the engine going.

I now have 628 followers on twitter. I believe I joined 70 approximate days ago. You meet people from all over the world, from different walks and talks of life. I still do not understand how some people only tweet a thousand or so messages, and they have over 10s of thousands of followers. I work hard at tweeting, at times. I only have over that span of time, with near to 3000 tweets. I do have tweeter block at times. I really do not want to rehash too much, as I try to get different ideas and views out there on different aspects of life. It is still not clear if it is such a great advertising link, for my book. Or just for, that certain awareness that I definitely need. An ad in a national magazine may run at 50 000 dollars. So, any free advertising, is fantastic. I always wonder, if the peak will occur, when I reach a certain number of followers. Will the followers I pick up per day stave off, or will it increase even farther per day. So far, reaching the 600 mark, it seems I am picking up 12 to 18 followers per day. Very interesting.

Well, no news on the book. Have a good day,  till next time...


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