Good Friday.

It is a quiet Good Friday here in Northern New Brunswick. A bit overcast, but no bad whether yet. The Catholic faith marks the day with many masses and events. I remember my parents, especially my mother, making her meals with no meat. It was a tradition, out of symbolic honor for this mysterious but miraculous man named Jesus Christ. They would buy chocolate to the maximum, for Easter Sunday. Only then would I open the boxes of chocolate. I wonder how did I ever eat all that stuff, way back then. Maybe a kid expends the sugar rush faster than an adult.

Whether people believe in him or not, the story is there and creates much controversy. We seen many people try to probe into the hidden depths of the gospels. Forming their own interpretation of it, based on certain clues or seemingly logical ideas they have gathered over time. They try to recreate their own version of the story, away from the popular and longstanding belief. There is allot of money to be made, in may respects, by changing the story into another kind.

I do believe, all we need to really know is the message behind the parables. He healed the sick, blind, and the paralyzed. They say he even raised the dead. He was not a villain. More like a hero to the people, at that time. While causing no harm, we know what happened to him afterwords. It was all predestined to an end, to create a new beginning for the faithful. The story remains, forever, an inspiration to the faithful yet unimaginable for some. The story was so strong, that it caused all the remaining disciples to die in martyrdom years after. It goes to suggest that they did indeed see, something powerful that had taken place.

Easter is the celebration of life. It is the main message, of rebirth, after the death of Jesus. Spring is the symbolism, in many thoughts also, of the renewal of life. For many of us, it maybe time for reflections on where we are going and what we have done in the past. Are we on the right track? Do we need adjustments? After a long road traveled, maybe needs re evaluation towards a different path. Many use lent to cut off of the sweets. I know of many people who kick their habits during lent. They lose many lbs. I should have done the same...

Besides that, no news on the book. Part 2 is still in the works. Maybe it will arrive this week.  Happy Easter to all, till next time...


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