First pass, is the Second pass.

The Supermarket Guy 2 : Rise of the Market Overlord

Two weeks of waiting for the second pass is not necessary. The first pass, seemed to go alright. The fast track is now on to put it on the shelves. Should not be too long now, but I e mailed to check and see if I could get the time of completion.  The ETA...

Lots of rain here in New Brunswick. The rivers are swelled, and people are watching their basements to see if any groundwater may come in. It should not be as bad, as last week, as it rained every day for a 5 day stretch.

Today, the french broadcast the Radiothon des Roses. It is a Radio fundraiser that is broadcast in several regions of the Acadian Peninsula, which raises money for special medical equipment required for cancer patients. With the high cancer rates on the North Shore, it was easy for myself to give a donation. They do very well, as in 2011 they raised approximately 168 thousand dollars. It is very good, since its inception in 2007, it started with raising 70 thousand dollars...

Every year, they buy equipment for cancer research...  A very good cause, as we seem to all know, sadly enough, someone who contracted cancer over the years gone by.

Visitors have arrived, till next time...


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