Electrical work on the 12.47 Kv pole.

The electrical workers, as I forgot to mention, used hot sticks to perform work on the lines. They had to isolate further up the line using disconnects, and further down the line, to de-energize the equipment. If it was a really long isolation, they would have had to ground the lines, somewhere. Just by placing wires to the line, then to the ground. But, the lines were not far enough.

Their boom truck lifted them up close to the disconnects, where their hot sticks (insulated long poles), attached to the small metal loops on the connects which opened the power to the lines. Since the power was 3 phase 60 Hz, they opened the three phases.

They did a great job, and the power was back on in not too long of a fashion later on.  These guys work, in the blistering cold, rain, snow, and hottest temperatures at times. Times when things usually go wrong.

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