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Electrical Pole was on fire 12.47 Kv

My friend found a 12.47 Kv pole at work, smoldering. This is the usual rural distribution power voltage around New Brunswick, before it gets stepped down to 240 V coming into a house. These are the poles, that dot the highways of our province. A call was immediately placed to Transmission and Distribution team.

I went to check the pole a little later on. Part curiosity, part concern for what was going on outside. By the time I went out, which was 20 minutes later, 1/4 of the pole was burned off. And, flames were shooting out ever so often. These wooden poles are heavy duty, probably a foot and a half thick. They do not taper off in size, 30 or so feet at the top.

The transmission team arrived, and I escorted them to the burning pole. It was now, 3/4 burned off. Really incredible. It gives you a new respect, for the power of electricity. A loose connection at some pull out disconnects, was probably arcing across hitting the wood in the process. It generated enough heat, to burn the wood. 3 hours later, transmission reconnected the lines and things were back to normal again. They put a temporary brace with heavy rods and bolts, to support the side of the pole. A new pole will be on its way, maybe Monday.

As many of you already know, when you see power lines that are fallen, stay clear of them. Telephone your local utility, and let them handle the work. With high voltages, they can arc across air gaps. Air is not the best insulator, when distance disappears. Keep a good distance away from high voltage lines.  This is a link on what to do if a downed power line falls over your car. Briefly stating, stay in the car unless a threat of fire is present. You are insulated (tires) from the ground, and safe in the car. But, if there is a threat while in the car, jump out of the car with your two feet at the same time, and do not touch the car while you are in motion towards the ground. If you get out while touching the car, you can create a path for electricity to escape, through your body. Shuffle your feet until you are clear from the car (as to not create step potential).

Besides that, not much more excitement on the book front. Things are quiet. No news on Part 2: Rise of The Market Overlord.. Till next time...


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