Design approval came in for my book.

A memorable quote from the 1931 Frankenstein Movie: "Look! It's moving. It's alive, It's alive..."

Today, the information came in for the design approval. A sample of what the book will look like, from Dog Ear Publishing. They decided to change the design layout from the first, and it is probably needed. In my heart, I did love The Supermarket Guy 1 interior design. It had that magic to it, and the starting letter and chapter letters had a mystery to it. The starting letters representing them, in the form of lightning, sort of.

This book, will look business like. It is, more of a business oriented book. Has to do with Harold taking the helm of a company, and trying to get it out of its struggling times. They gave me back the sample with my name on every second page. I changed it, to put the chapter # s up there. I rather that, so people will remember what chapter they are on while they are reading the book. The only other error I seen from the publisher was the disappearance of my sub title from the title page. Rise of the Market Overlord, has to be placed, just below The Supermarket Guy II: . That was the only two things, that I wanted to change. If there was any other serious changes, I would have had to fax them the changes. But, they tell me now, it will be a fast process. I should receive the first pass (that is what they call it), I called it the first proof,  very soon. Then, the second proof, and then, a book is created.

These next two proofs, If corrections are needed, will cost 25 $ to open it up to corrections, and 2 $ per correction thereafter. I have kept the original corrected one, to verify it all. I spell checked it quite a bit, so I expect this should be fairly fast. I hope.

Well, that is what is happening on the book front as of late. I had not the inspiration to write, as Part 3 is collecting dust on the shelf. Part 4 is far from my mind, for now. I am taking a little break, as everyone needs a break, now and then. Have a good afternoon,  till next time....


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