Cover for "The Supermarket Guy II:Rise of the Market Overlord" soon here.

My book cover will be the first to arrive, this week. It will need my approval, to fit on the top of the 232 page book. Next, the First Pass. Then the Second. Then, it will be rolled out on Amazon.

I just hope the details came out alright. 300 dpi, was the limit. I sent 600 dpi. There are burning embers in the air, and hopefully they will be seen on the cover.

In this book, there is a little talk about antibiotics in food. Why we should avoid them, not in great explanation, but because they are not good for us over a long time. What the problem is, is that the antibiotics may not work when we really need them.  We could develop an antibiotic resistance.  Bacteria could be difficult to fight with antibiotics over time, rendering them useless.  Growth Hormones, are also mentioned in small detail in the book as well.

We see more organic foods on the shelves every day. Some meat from Montana, at the Super Value was grain fed, natural, without hormones or antibiotics.  I had a steak the other day from Montana, and it tasted A1.

And of course, we can understand why the big producers want to use them. The antibiotics help to speed up the recovery of sick animals, and make them grow faster as well. Hormones increase the rate of growth of lean tissue in animals, while reducing the fat.  A chicken fed with this stuff, can grow at half its normal rate. Talk about fast, from 40 approx days from 88 approx normal days.  The FDA in the United States are trying to limit their usage, which was in the news just a few days ago. Canada, usually follows suit, shortly after the FDA came out with the news.

This is a part of "The Supermarket Guy II:  Rise of the Market Overlord".  Till next time...


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