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Cleaning the house- Spring cleaning.

We decided to clean the house, big time, these past few days. It is only then you realize the things overlooked from the regular cleaning. The stuff packed in the closets, the stuff found under the furniture and in back of the heavy furniture. No one likes to spring clean.

We rented a rug doctor, for 35 dollars at the local grocery store. We had the cleaning solvent at home, so we did not buy its recommended cleaner, which probably goes for another 12 bucks. In cleaning the rug with it, it sends a hot jet of water on the rug, then picks it up. You can see the water coming into the top of the clear dome, as it appears black in the top collection tub. It is almost, the machine, colors the water by itself. Does it put ink, in the water stream somewhere in the hose. Hard to believe, that our rugs were that dirty.

Then, we hot steamed the couches. The dog has a bad habit of jumping on the couch, late at night, to have a terrific snooze. She has her own (2) beds for sleeping on. One in a bedroom, and one in the living room. Just really a big floor cushion. But, it is not good enough for her. She will jump on the couch, late at night. When I wake up, and head down the hallway, she jumps off the couch. She knows I do not like seeing her on the couch. I just tell her politely during the day, to get off of the couch. I ask if she paid for that couch? She listens and jumps off, ever so hesitant.

Sneaky little bugger. But, I pretend also, not to take it too much to heart. As, I cannot police her all times of the  day. I know allot of people let their pets on their couch, and that is fine. My personal opinion on it, is that our dog goes outside in the field and comes in full of dirt all underneath her. Her paws drag in dirt from the roads, ect. You can only wipe her paws so much when she comes in from outside. We do wash her, once a month, and then take her to get washed and her claws trimmed, hair cut. It is just that I can tell, the couch gets way dirtier faster, with the dog on it. More work for the masters. The Rug Doctor proved it, as the water was also black coming into the machine, on cleaning our (no, the dogs favorite sofa) just as of late.

Then, there is the washing of some walls, to do later on. Getting rid of old furniture, and trying to clean the huge mess in the basement. It is not really safe, to walk down there. Dusting on top of the cupboards, cleaning way inside them. Good exercise. Be positive. Burn calories, while cleaning your house! When will someone think of an inspirational video, on losing pounds while house cleaning?

No news on the book front. I should have received my book cover by now. I am thinking they will send it with the main body, or first pass. Have a great day, till next time....


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