April 1 st.

Today we got a call from a relative, saying they were going to tax pets. It did catch me off guard. I told the wife, that that is totally impossible.

Taxing pets. I thought, bad enough you have to get a tag every year, and pay 20 or so bucks just to say you have a pet that stays in the house all day. Now tax them. But, the wife laughed, as she was caught in the trap too. It was just an April Fools joke.

An April fools joke, is always best when it comes from someone who never dishes out a lie. Or, maybe it is better coming from someone who is always spewing out speculation that never proves true. In the latter scenario, you tend to believe it more, while not believing it at all. Because they always dish out stuff, like: The price of gas will be 3 dollars a liter tomorrow. You say, alright, where did they hear that from? You know it is impossible, but it is not April fools. It is just a regular day in your life, with someone you know that always spews out 50 % truth and 50 % speculation. You got to love these people, though. It always tests your ability to sort reality from fiction. How fast can you do it.

I am glad April fools is only one day a year. But, for some relatives, it is every week or every day. It must be a roller coaster ride, all the time.

Have a good day,  till next time...


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