20 cm of snow for Northern NB this Easter Sunday. Arthritis.

It looks like Christmas all over again. But, it is Easter, and we are getting some snow. Again. It is great for those who love the white blanket of wet snow, covering every piece of what was left green and brown by high and warm temperatures. Now, we are snow covered again. Maybe the last run with skiis, or snow shoes, out in the back yard. This week they are calling for rain Monday, right through till Thursday, which will melt the snow away pretty quickly.

Easter Sunday, was usually a time of gathering with family and friends. Mother usually always cooked a nice ham, chicken, or turkey. Visitors would come, home from University or College. Things would be going on, as the streets would be much busier with the influx of people from far away. It seemed as if, they never really left at all. We would go to mass, and the church would usually be full at this time. The church is usually always full at Easter, or around Christmas time.

Now my Mother is in too much pain to cook. She has arthritis, badly in her hands and knees. There is no cure for this disease, as only pain killers and more pain killers seem to help. The weather seems to be the lightening rod for it. When a storm approaches, she feels worse. When it gets nice out, she feels better. One time she felt so bad, she was taken to the hospital. There, they gave her medication, to try to get the high levels of arthritis indicators out of her blood. The only thing that is helping, is a drug called Seira Sil. It is a pill with natural elements inside, with silicon, zinc, and other minerals. It removes toxins from the body, which has to be taken with allot of water. This is due to the clay, which perhaps causes dehydration. Depending on your weight, depends on how many you take during a day. This pill has definitely helped my Mother, somewhat, but it varies from day to day.

I all wish you a Happy Easter.  Till next time....


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