You can be an expert!

You can be an expert, at any kind of repair. Today, I fixed my sink drain. The pop up mechanism was not working for the drain plug, but i went a little further than I needed to. I just had to replace the pop up nob ( rusted out), instead of the whole drain body and plug assembly. It cost 27 dollars, to fix er up.  Next, my drawer in my kitchen wheel went on the bum. It is hard to believe, the father in law found it before I did.  He looked at me, and said, watch, watch!  He rolled out the drawer, back and forth.  See, he said, see! It does not roll well.  A roller was chipped badly.  I replaced it today, but then had to even out the tracks so it would stop shimming to one side 3/4 s of the way out.

Yeas,  you can do anything.  Put your whole mind and body to it, and it can be done. When in a time of mental blockage, just step away.  Look at it from a different angle.  Go on U tube. Check U tube if you cannot find the answer from Dad. Do a search, and you will find the remedy...

Besides that, not much going on in the book front.  I wish there was more to report, about my lackluster uneventful sales... Till then.... Have a great night!


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