Wiring a Garage Part 2

I dug out my underground trench. I dug a 35 foot trench. This is going to cost me, in electrical wire! It should be 18 inches deep, but depending on what type of underground conductor you have, you could go less deeper with higher quality cable ( metal cable). I also then took off a piece of drywall, to drill through my cement. I think maybe hammer in a stick of dynamite... Nah... They sell drills for this job, but, I think you have to cool them down with water every so many inches you go. But, this is the first time I do this. I have a 7/8 th drill bit ( the only one I could find to fit my wire through) ( my electrical wire, that is).

So, now, just to decide when to call the electrician to do the job. These buggers charge 35 dollars an hour, and, sometimes they bring a buddy to drill the holes. One company wants just a service charge of 78 dollars just to say hello. In the old days, there seemed to be more competition and more workers around to bring the wages down to a fair value. We need more electricians like Joe Mechanic in the Sarah Palin world!

Till then...


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