Wife wants to paint the deck in November

The wife wants to paint the deck in November.  Just the bottom floor, is scraped up a bit. We were so busy this year, that we did not paint it in the summer months. One expert said, that as long as the temperature was above 55 F all day, you would be alright. He said that most paints are designed to be painted at this temperature, and wont blister or bulge.

When it dries, I wonder if it will crack later on.  We will try it. As the temperature here today is plus 13,  which is 55.4 F. I am just on the line. Hum,  maybe I will not attempt it.  I will check on the back of the can to see what it says as well.

As far as the news on the book,  I have none to report. I will keep it updated here, though, as time progresses. As promised, I gave the total sales for the month of October. 2 books sold in the UK. I sold one book through distribution in the U.S. back in July.  3 total.

Now, those two books that I sold in England.  It is either going to help me in a small,  way. Like a tree, spreading out its branches. If it is good, 2 sales could later mean from word of mouth, 6 sales. Then, 6 sales, could mean later on, 28 sales. So on, and so forth.

What about that story about the King playing chess. The little boy who only wanted, for payment of a job, a cent as it doubled on the squares of a chess board. Where, he started off with 1 cent, then doubled on the second square to 2 cents, and doubled it all the way down for payment to the little boy.

The king had unfortunately, not the money of the 92 quadrillion dollars required for payment to the little boy.  Just by doubling all through the 64 squares.

We always hope, that this is what happens when the word gets out.  It branches out like a tree. From what people tell me about my book ( everyone gave it great reviews), it is a possibility for this to happen. But, there is also a reality that it may not.. I need the sales badly to create part 2.. Time will tell the tale..  Have a great day,  till then...


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