Wet winter weather for the end of November!

Here in Northern New Brunswick, we have got some snow overnight that changed to rain in the morning. It is forecast to rain off and on till mid week, with a high of 12 C.  We are then expected to go back to minus 2 by Friday, with a little snow to boot.

When I was young, the climate was fairly cold ( in the minus) in November. If I remember correctly, once the temperature changed, it was rare for it to go into the mild again.  Not many people are complaining, though, because the cold weather is not fun. And, if one thing is for certain, we will have those minus 30 days sometime, in January or February. Some people are awaiting the snow for Christmas. Some people just want it for their ski doos, or for myself, to do some skiing. I am wondering if this is due to global warming, or the pacific ocean weather phenomenon.

Besides that, not much else to report on the book. I have to get one over to the neighbor, as he requested a signed one. I better do it before he forgets about it, and then thinks that I work for a type of Avon book company.

Now... That is a great idea!  An Avon, calling, book company.... I do not have the brains to do it, or the time, but I believe a door to door book mobile could very well sell a book at a third of every house they go to. I am serious. Especially if you have my book,  The Supermarket Guy, in your collection...  Well, it would be nice... No, this is a great idea. Someone out there will get it going, and do very well. I know in my area, people do not know where the bookstores are. They, like to read, and usually get a magazine or a newspaper. But, a door to door book salesperson can sell a wide spectrum of books to a rural area or a city in a matter of no time. And, I bet he could nearly empty the back of his van, while doing it. I am not a business savvy person, so it is out of the question for me to get this thing going...  I am just beer sudsy.

So, here is to the future of the bookstore..  I believe it to be true, the book sales mobile!  Have a great day, till then!


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