To start Part two or wait till next year! Or buy that four wheeler?

I am not sure what to do. To start Part two of the Supermarket Guy this year, or wait till next year. Buy that four wheeler I have been wanting to buy, or just wait and publish Part 2.  My wife happily agrees to publishing Part 2, over buying a four wheeler. She is not a four wheeling person...

I like four wheeling, but I have a truck which I put in the woods already. But, with a four wheeler, you can just about access any area of the woods. When the trails get shorter, you can get in and get through with no problem. Sometimes you can go right into the woods if the trees are far enough apart. It is great for fishing, which I have not had time to do this year. You can get to those hard to access places (those special ponds), where you cannot get with a truck, as you are always scared to put too many scratches on it. And, when fall comes, hunting and enjoying the colors of the fall.

My friends at work plan allot of days,  where they all take off on their four wheelers to beautiful camps in and around the area. The governors lodge, Island lake, and going to Mt. Carleton are nice trips to go on with a four wheeler.

Well, I will determine after Christmas whether or not to produce Part 2 this year, or wait till the next.... Maybe by next year things will go a little better... Till then..


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