Snow tires are on!

Bought some snow tires today. 640  dollars plus taxes in Canadian for 4 new Michelin X-ice. They say the are good. Not the best, and I know what the best tires are, Nokian.. Not nokia, the phone maker, but Nokian. A company from Finland, are rated number one in so many digests, that it has to be true.

They have the best, winter tire out there. And, they have, the crummiest price. Approximately 800 dollars for a set of 4, for a 14 inch rim. I wanted to get the BF Goodrich, but the convincing was not there enough to convince the other half that the price is right, at 540 dollars taxes in.  I think the ratings are alright, and I would have bought them because of the price, and because I personally like the thread on the BF Goodrich.

The wife liked the thread better for ice, which is what she got with the Michelins. With the milder weather here in Canada, it probably makes more sense as we get more freezing rain conditions than normal. I hope this year is a more normal winter weather for the snow mobilers, and the down hill ski operators.  Tourism depends on the white stuff, as well as the famous Bonhomme Carnival in Quebec city in the first two weeks of February. It Actually starts at the end of January, and here is a link to the site. I believe in Quebec they made it law to put on winter tires for the winter season.  I still believe, that if you are a person that does not have to go out in poor weather, and only go out in the sun and when the pave is dry, and you do not speed in the winter, all seasons will work fine. But, that is just my opinion.

Well, time to go... Hope everyone has a great night.. Till then..


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