Repairing my neighbors snow blower!

My neighbor, quite a long time ago, asked if I was good at repairing snow blowers.  In Canada, a snow blower, is a mans best friend. Maybe even better than his dog.  His wife?  Well, almost..  Just joking, especially if your woman can shovel when your blower is broke down.

So, it took awhile for us to meet.  I work strange shifts, and he works the normal 40 hour a week, 8 hr day shifts.  Finally tonight, we combined forces to take apart his made in China snow blower.

It was the first time I seen such a machine.  Two drive belts for the snow impeller. A rubber teeth grip belt for the main drive. First, I seen that his main belt was sheered off, and the other was in bad shape also. They were not even the right kind of belt for this machine.  And,  the idler pulley was loose. We took apart the machines front and back main sections (remove the brake for the pulley 1st, then the snow chute attachments), and then took off the pulley. Here, we had a chance to tighten the idler pulley. It should not have been loose in the first place. Then, we put on the new belts. Put back the machine together and bolted it up. Left the top cover off, then let her purr. The belts were idle during starting of the motor, and worked fine after when pushing down on the handle.  The main impeller started. As soon as you let go of the handle mechanism, it is important for the brake to drop on the pulley and for the impeller not to turn.  If the impeller turns, when the clutch is released, so to speak, it means the adjustment is too tight.  We adjusted it enough so that the belts are not going to fly off the top pulley, and that the machine stops when the clutch is released.  And, finally, that the belts immediately grab to move the pulley when pressing down on the handle.

My neighbor thanked me for the work.  As, the last time he brought it to be worked on, which was last year, the belts did not last even a year. His auger mechanism flew apart as well. That was repaired by the last repairman as well.  I told him it should work good for at least 3 years ( the belts). Maybe longer, depending on snow conditions.  His handles were loose. We had to tighten them up as well.  As far as the motor is concerned, it is a rebuilt Honda motor.  It sounded ok.

As compared to my made in Canada snow blower, I find my snow blower better built than the Chinese one. I am not saying that to be nationalistic. It is just, that there was sections of spaces where snow can get in and maybe throw off a belt.  Smaller frame and smaller bolts holding the main sections together. And, it is an 11 hp machine, driving snow out of a very small chute. Compared to my 12 hp machine, I have a larger impeller and a larger chute. I found it strange, indeed.  I seen my friends buy GIO (Made in China) chainsaws, and newer snow blowers.  As from what I seen from the chainsaws so far, I was not impressed by the small bolts holding the bar in place. Nor, the slack chain.  They say it has to be slack. And, not impressed by the carburetor problems, as the machine would spurt and run fast then run slow.  My friends say it is a good deal for just doing small work around the house, as these GIOs run for a 1/3 rd the price of any brand name sold around here. Now the jury is not out yet on the newer GIO snow blowers.

That is just it.  It all depends what you want to do with them.  If you want something to last 10 or 20 years, by a brand name quality product. If you want something just to fiddle with, buy a GIO.  That is just my opinion, and other peoples as well.. It always has to do with cost vs. usage. Have a great night,  till next time..


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