Played auction 125 at my uncles house last night!

Played auction 125 at my Uncles house last night. I was allied with the women, and I lost miserably. I had two main trump at times, two partners ( playing 3 a team), and still made a hole. It was still fun, and obviously this is the way luck works. Some games you can hit your partner who has helping cards, and make the hand handily. Sometimes it is playing the right cards at the right time that makes a hand. Other times it is the actual bluffing of the bid, when a team is high in points, causes higher bidding than usual and allows for more holes. Just like Kenny Rogers, and the Gambler.

Foggy and misty here, and the temperature is in the pluses for Northern New Brunswick. My cousins up at my Uncles finally found out about my book. I kept it low in the family circles for quite awhile. The reason being, I did not want any charity book buying, as explained earlier. Now that my cousin has just found out through the grape vine, he wants to buy a copy. My Uncle wants a copy. I offered them free, but my cousin said he would pay. We will see how it goes. Another Lady on goodreads added my book on the shelf for future reading. It is way down the lane though.  I cannot wait till one of these people read it, as then I will be given a star rating on the site.  It is very important, in a way, even if it is a low rating. Everyone seems to like it allot around here, so I am a little more confident that Part 2 can be produced. Only time will tell, as sales are still sluggish as ever...

Have a great day, till then...


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