Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy halfway done

Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy is now over halfway done. I had some time this week to get to that point, and must say that it is coming along very good now.  I am probably missing a few links to get to the last scene, but I have a direction and am heading towards it.

The main character is having a tough time in this one. Probably tougher than Part 2. He is going through, literally, the gates of hell. Even a transformation of sorts, which will happen mid way through the book when it is done.

The end, I need to work it out a little, it is going to take some time, to work it out. The book takes place in two continents, which makes it fun to learn about the other continent as well.

As far as part 1, no news to report. Same ole, same ole. The strange thing is that when I do go to U tube, I seen an advertisement for Barnes and Noble, showing my book right on the top of the other famous books from there. I find this comical, as there is no possibility whatsoever that my book would be on top of Steve Jobs book, or Gagas book. Or even come close to garnering an ad space. For a second or two, it does create a wonderful feeling. The advertisement must check my IP, and advertise what I want to see up there. I find that pretty nifty..  Unless it is really being advertised on Barnes and Noble small ad page on U tube. Have a great day. Till then..


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