Neighbor said book was advertised in French Paper.

Walking down the street with my vicious poodle terrier,  a neighbor came up to have a chat with me. He asked if I was working today, and how things were going. I did the same, asked if he was back on his shift schedule.

He then brought up the book, and I asked where he learned about it.  He replied that it was from the French Provincial News Paper, the Acadie Nouvelle.  I found this to be surprising, as I thought he may have heard it from word of mouth.  As where he works, some of my friends work there as well, at a smelter not to far away.

He asked for where to buy a book, and for a signature.  I said it should be no problem, and responded that I could get him one in the next few nights. We then parted ways. I was always wondering long ago, if when, how long would it take, for the neighbors to receive the news.

From June 1 st release, till now.  Wowzers...  As, I was not one to herald it throughout the village. I pretty much wanted the vibe to go through other areas of population throughout the world, and I was hoping for it to take in other areas.  Not necessarily in my back yard, but that is just fine also.  It is nicer to see the book in greater and more specialty book stores.  It is definitely maxed out in bookstore internet availability en mass!

Have a terrific day,  till then...


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