My friend at work is still advertising for me!

My friend at work is still advertising for me. He told me, he just puts in the title, and sends.  It then goes to 50 hits a day, every so often.  I told him to stop a long time ago,  as I felt, it was a hopeless cause.  But, he continues to kindle the flame, for me. And, he tells me it is not hard work. Just put in the name of the book, and then wappo flacko. It is sent. He then just has to reset it.

Besides that, not much news out there to report. I heard Kim Kardashian (excuse the spelling) has left her man. Irreconcilable differences. After 72 days of marriage. I know the tabloids and everyone else will have a field day with this. I am not saddened by it,  maybe a little frustrated, at seeing a nice looking couple saying their final goodbyes. As, maybe, no one will admit to their own 'mea maxima culpa'.  Maybe it was doomed from the start, as some sources may indicate.  I will drink a beer and write a poem in their honor.  Till then...


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