My electrical work for my Garage.

It cost 840 dollars for the electrical work done to my garage. This was for 4 and a half hours at 85 dollars an hour, then 8 hours at 30 dollars an hour (over 8 hour period).  The rest was taxes and a few parts. The 30 dollar an hour work was done by an apprentice. I got away a little cheap, so to speak.

Expensive, for 7 wall plugs, 6 lights inside, 4 lights outside, and running power from the house panel to my garage panel.

I know what i may get into in the next few years.  I might as well become a residential electrician, and make some money. This guy was busy for a week and a half until he came to see me.

I still had to fix some outside lights, that were not on tightly, and cock them with sealant around the edges as the vinyl face plate was scraped up a bit. One outside light was loose a bit. I always new electrical wiring was easy, but i was questioning how it was hooked from my panel to the outside panel. If it was not for that, I would have done it myself... You have to be sure, when doing electrical work... Till then...


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