The lure of a self help book...

There are allot of self help books out there.  Some to help you cook, some to help with your financial situation, and even some to help you sell more books. I usually find, that they, for the most part are, good sellers. They seek out a problem in someones life, and offer many or more solutions.  Some are there for to give an offer of a window of spirituality, and some are there to help you through your marriage or divorce.

I sometimes bought the odd self help book for to understand how to be better at taxes. The whole "for dummies"  series is a whopping success. In the end, I found rather the ways at how other people save money on taxes. Having a home business, you can claim allot of expenses, for example, in a leased car to renovating some of your home for the business. Most of it is geared into investing into retirement investment funds, or mutual funds, and how to ride out the storms. How many times have I heard that on television, I cannot count on my hand.

Do I need a self help book on how to sell my very own book? Well, once I buy that one, I would need a computer self help book to get me to the next rung on how to use the internets capabilities. Then maybe another for knowing the quality or maximum bang for the buck. I rather not, in the end, and to its own end I rather let it do its very own splash or small ripple in the sea of life. Whatever the end result will be, I am satisfied that I tried with what I had available to me at the time.. Don't get me wrong, sometimes a self help book can help, in allot of situations depending on the circumstances... It is just up to the person in the end to choose what advice he needs to get through the rungs... Till then..


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