Lucky to get some writing done this week.

When you are looking after two senior citizens, it was lucky at all that I got some writing done this week. Sometimes I have to go shop for them, get them two meals a week, get their prescriptions, and even do some maintenance on their house. These are my parents, who did everything for me when I was sick, down and out, so I make the best effort to give them a hand. At times they are our anchor in many of a storm at sea. Today, I have to shop again for them, before I start my regular 3 shifts. Then, I have to do some business for my own home. It is true what they say. Trying to run two homes is a busy situation.

Now, to decide to drill through my concrete or to drill through the header joist for my electrical wires. I will call the electrician immediately. I may save him the time and start with the hammer drill right away.

I still need to get a hair cut. I am starting to look like Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean...  The only difference is I cannot remember where I put the treasure.. Till then..


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