James Blunt going to Moncton

James Blunt is going to Moncton.  The wife, and her mother, and some other relatives are going to see the spectacle. I will be working, unfortunately, that weekend.  The place is going to be crawling with lady fans!
I enjoy his singing also, and he has a range of style that transcends through the ages.  Not like some other singers, that only are suitable to either teenagers, or seniors, or the middle age groups.

No change in rankings for my book on Amazon.  I am assuming bland sales, as usual. New updates on sales to be coming up in November, within a day or two.

As far as income tax is concerned, I could not get an ITIN number from the U.S. revenue office due to my company not giving me a signed signature from a receiving officer.  If you make, under a thousand dollars anyways, there should be no taxes to report at any rate.  I will call the I.R.S. to make sure, when the time comes. I do not expect to make over a thousand, at any rate.

Well, time to go.. Relatives are here, I will be back laters.. Till then..


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