Hydro Fracking In New Brunswick

As of late, shale gas exploration in New Brunswick has been all the craze. Large pockets of gas beneath seams of porous rock. You just have to have a special drilling machine, some chemicals, high pressure water to fracture the rock to produce gas seams in order for the gas to flow.

There has been allot of opposition that has risen up in New Brunswick over this practice. It is only, because in other areas of the world, especially the United States, where serious problems have arisen. The practice caused widespread damage of aquifers, supplying whole towns, rendering their drinking water undrinkable.

It is always the question.  What is worth more to you. Your water supply, or a gas supply that is only there for perhaps 20 years or even less. Environment vs. Profit. Lately, around this area we have been seeing short gain for long term pain in mining companies wanting to dig close to village water supplies for a year or two supply of gold. It does not really make sense, to put in jeopardy your water supply for a 100 jobs or less for two years of mining worth.

Projects like these have to have public scrutiny. Questions have to be asked, and decisions have to be taken by government to be prepared for the aftermath. Will governments be responsible for the environment or water supply later on,  or the fracking companies?  They should have to answer these questions as well, but in my view, it is just not worth the short term gain.

Besides that, no news is good news,  on the book front.. Till then 


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