Glycol heating system in service...

Today, I was called into work,  to put in to operation the Glycol heating system. It is a mix of 50/50 water and glycol, heated to a final temperature of 150 C, by means of a steam heat exchanger.  This heats the whole plant.

First, I had to make sure that the condensate did not interfere with the good condensate drains. I had to drain it to a floor area that was designed for this. Only later when the quality gets better, we put the condensate back to the main Dearator.  Then, once I was sure I had a steam path to drain, I cracked open small bypasses, slowly heating the lines, and opening drains for the condensate.

I started up nearly all auxiliary pumps, which branch from the main pump line and supplies other hard to reach areas of the plant. It boosts the pressure, and ensures flow.  I had to vent allot of areas, of air, and one pump was air bound ( pressures equal at suction and discharge of pump).  The only thing with this system, is that the nitrogen pressure on top of the glycol in an expansion tank, must be high enough to prevent the water liquid mixture from flashing into steam.  This was regulated by the inside operator.

Besides that, another guy at work liked my first chapter.  That is all he had time to read thus far.  Small good news for a fairly busy day... Till then...


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