A dog knows where the treats are!

Going to my grandmother in laws, they were making a roasted chicken dinner. The dog came with us, and ran around the kitchen in great jubilation at the aromas coming from around the table.  I motioned at the dog, time to go for a walk. The dog had a hard time to leave the table, but, she eventually came.  We must have walked a good 2000 feet down to a shoreline, and then on the way back,  the dog took off running.

Where was she going?  Did she see a cat, a mouse, or a squirrel?  No, she was running in a straight line direction. It obviously worried me a little bit, as she could have just as well be heading towards the road. We called, but there was no coming back.  I whistled, but there was not even a turn of her head.

I ran a bit until I got to the house.  She had her front paws up against the front door, whimpering to get in.  Wagging her tail, and looking towards the window.  Well, to my relief, she went to the house.  She never forgot what was going on in the house, the roasted chicken that was being cut up on the table.  She wanted a few treats,  and she knew the people there was going to give her a few.

It is amazing,  how you hear stories like this.  I know of a neighbors cat,  that would actually jump on the kitchen table when they brought home a load of crab.  The cat would go crazy,  over seafood, and if you tried to push her down and say "Get",  she would still jump up.  The owners would have to put the cat in a room, as she meowed and scratched to get out.

Pets, are definitely intelligent. They have a good memory too, as my dog remembered to go back to the house for, a few slivers of chicken.  It is a powerful memory, as to run full out to get to the door, not answering my call.  Talk about funny.... Till then.


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