Blog up 59 % since last month.

Probably the best month ever for this blog. An increase in viewership to 59 %! This has been a good month for me after all! I have passed some other interesting people blogging in viewership, something which I did not think would happen. I am extremely satisfied with the blog results. They were better than my expectations.

I had a dip in viewership in August, and then from there, this blog has taken off exponentially. I know I will have some future dips in the coming months, as I do believe it is something like the stock market. It goes up, sometimes way up, and then can go down, sometimes way down.

Today I wrote another three pages of Part 3 of the Supermarket Guy. I was fortunate enough to have Part 2 still there, and added a link to link it to Part 3. I did the same to Part 1, linking it to Part 2.  They are all linked together, with chain stronger than the coldest steel...

Thanks for viewing, and hanging tough when I did not have much to say... Till then..


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