Blog is up 33 % already, from its best month of last month...

Thanks for everyone for following the blog. It is up 33 % again, for the 3rd consecutive month in a row. I am working some day shifts, unfortunately I do not have much time to come on here and try to put some different or common perspective in this grand world of ours.

I know in Part 1 in my main book ( I am sure everyone caught it), the workers were always looking for raises, albeit, maybe 25 cent raises, whenever the employer or the boss was up against the wall.  These are small raises, and perhaps, with no union, not much bargaining power at the floor level.

We see this throughout the world sometimes. I know here in New Brunswick, they are thinking of creating a lower minimum wage for those who have tips, and a higher minimum wage for those who do not have tips. This was a concept, that, quite truthfully, that I would have never thought of. They may have this in other provinces, but probably very few.  The minimum wage in N.B. is scheduled to go up in the next year or so.

A minimum wage difference may indeed cause more workers to apply for certain jobs over other jobs. Maybe, a higher wage minimum wage job will cause more people not to go into the hospitality sector. In my opinion, in an attempt to stagger a minimum wage cannot be an advantage to everyone. If an another business sees this working, would they also put a tip jar in front of their business as well. What would classify these other businesses, nonetheless, as not having a fair crack at that lower minimum wage in all fairness. I think all business should pay the same, but, that is just my small opinion. Is this policy about governments not being able to commit to its promises across the board?

In my book, an unavailability of some people to do the job right, or to be on the job at all, led to wage increases. We always hope for better times ahead for the all workers ( and companies too), so he can bring more home, produce more for the company, and just be all around much happier and comfortable with living. Till then...


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