Blog has been more successful than my Book!

I am trying to figure that one out.  My blog is more successful than my book. I am just about at the peak of the same amount of visits as last month, my best month ever is about to be surpassed again. I will have to give up on my book career, and continue with the blogging.  Some people say blogging is the same as jotting something down on facebook.  What is the difference, someone once said to me a few days ago?

If the amount of visits on this site had translated into sales, here on the blog,  I would be producing Part 2 right as we speak, right now. Just like the Van Halen song,  right now!

But, it is not translating into high sales, but this is to be expected. I completely understand this phenomenon, and it is alright.  As I went into allot of areas explaining the hits on blogs, and that actually we may get a few thousand hits on a blog, and none of these may translate into any sales over a few.  It is the true reality of the Blog,  I think, anyways.  October sales have been flat, but here around my area I am selling a few every so many days. Part 2 is delayed on release because of the slow sales.

I just had not the time to do what I had to do with the book.. Maybe this week if things slow down, as having a full time job is interfering with my lackluster promoting skills.. Have a great day, Till then..


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