Best seat in the house on Remembrance day!

I always had the best seat in the house, on Remembrance day. My father, was a Second World War II veteran. He would talk sometimes, of how the war would go, the good and the bad. I found my father always to be tough, as he was always was as granite to showing emotions.  You would see a small effect of a wince, or a head tilt, after telling some ghastly details of some operations. Especially when talking about the more terrifying aspects of the war.

I made a pork shoulder roast for supper,  a gravy with mushrooms, some spinach, and bought a salad. My mother told me to put away the salad for another day. The gravy is always great with a shoulder pork roast. I emptied the roaster drippings from the pan, then mixed two teaspoons of flower with a cup and a half of water. I sliced some mushrooms up, onions, and then added some garlic salt. It was delicious. I had a pouch of gravy mix just in case, but it contains some MSG, so I decided to put it away for another day.

Well, that is it for now. I will try to be back on tomorrow.. Till then..


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