Being stressed out at the work place!

Yes, being stressed out at the work place.  It can happen. Sometimes, something at home causes irregular feelings at work.  The pressures of life can catch up with you in a snap. And, just cause that, a snap, in your right, justified feelings.  Some people call it a burn out. A stress feeling.  Some people are better at handling stress than others.  Some people are not. I used to see some people get red in the face, just over talking about their hockey team. Or flare up, just talking about a different way of doing things.  Some of these people never break down,  but some do.  It is a sad part of life, and they do need time to themselves.  This is where other co workers are needed to be nice, to help the person get back on track.

On other news,  Regis Philbin has retired from the Morning Live Show.  Kelly Rippa will do an excellent job there, no doubt, and I am sure who ever they get will do well also.  But, Regis was that special kind of talk show host.  He was always humorous, witty, and kind.  I do not believe he ever shot a guest on his show down, like others may do.  Definitely done the show with class.  I am sure he could have done another 3 years, but Disney closed the door on him because of his age.  Well, he will be missed.  And, the who wants to be a millionaire show.  What a show that was,  with Regis on there.  It will never be paralleled, at least, I cannot see it being ever matched.

Well, it is the mother in laws birthday today. I will be gone for a bit, everyone wish me luck... Have a great day, till then..


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