Beans and wieners for breakfast!

My old land lady used to say to me, What?  You are eating beans and wieners for breakfast. I looked at her in an odd way,  sure, and, why do you ask so surprisingly..  Beans and wieners for breakfast??? Came the question again. She had never seen anyone eat that for breakfast before. I wondered if she lived a sheltered life, God bless her soul.

A book can be compared, to a breakfast plate. It is either you like it or you don't, or somewhere in between the two. My book must be, like a plate of beans and wieners.. The people out there say, what? A book, a fictional comedy, with lots of fiber and meat to it?  It slides down your stomach like the alphabet clings to your mind?

I love beans and wieners. I had a plate this morning, and it tasted just like Dad used to make for me for breakfast, when I was just a young pup. It is also amazing, how flavors can actually mimic flavors from a long time ago..  It was just one of those mornings..  So, I have to ask you all, to pick up a plate of beans and wieners for breakfast! Put that old, same old boring cereal, away for another day! It is good for you and will make you stronger!  Just like my book, will clear your blues and stick to your sides and keep you warm! Instead of passing gas, you may pass a few laughs.. Have a great day, till then...


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