40 pages done of Part 3, of The Supermarket Guy.

Things are rolling along fine, so far, for Part 3 of the Supermarket Guy. I wrote another 15 pages today, and will maybe continue tonight, if the time is right.  Usually, it is when I am home alone, without much disturbance, I can get things done much faster. But, on the other hand, sometimes someone who is doing stuff around me, helps me out just as much. Just by chance, sometimes the person around me gives me new ideas or a new formula to get to a desired point.  I do not ask, I just listen and perceive how people act around me. It may help to get through different situations in the book.

The great Russia has been coming to my blog site, in heavy numbers. They will soon eclipse the United States as my number one blog followers. A big thanks to the Russian country, who have a big heart.

I will continue to try to write, as the days go bye. Hopefully the time will come easily.  Till then.


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