3 Guys at work want to buy books!

Today, I got three offers to buy books from work.  One guy is a an avid hunter, the other an avid sailor, and the other is an avid Boston Bruins fan! One guy asked again for to sign it, when I bring it in. Before this, I have two sales coming through the bookstores.

This is good news, at it is another 50 or 70 dollars closer to starting Part 2. When it goes up by increments like that, it is going up 2 % or so from the total required on this day. I would love to write tonight, but, after working a 12 hour shift, sometimes I am scared I will lose a certain focus and just go sideways, instead of forward with the writing.

Going sideways can help a writer sometimes. Sometimes, you need to go sideways to develop a characters traits. If you go reverse, you can also bring up some history about a character also, but that is something that I rarely do. Going forward is bringing up new situations that coincide with links in the past. I try, sometimes to go forward and you hope to go forward much throughout any writing. Sideways is ok too, and sometimes I may go to far sideways in a story. But, if it is really good, I think it is alright.

Besides that, not much news that I know of, on the book front. I will keep an eye out on top of mount book store. Have a great night, Till then...


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