1 / 3 done of Part three, of The Supermarket Guy

Last night, I wrote another 10 or so pages of Part 3, of The Supermarket Guy.  It is coming together fairly well. I do not know which one is the best. This Part 3 has a prison break, with the main character being unpopular for some odd reason, and a F 15 strike eagle shooting at one of the main characters.

I am getting addicted, to finishing it up. I tell myself all the time, to stop writing after so many pages, as I will burn myself out. I am afraid that the brain will become overloaded, and I will not be able to think of new ideas on how the characters can get out of certain situations.  Or how certain situations must link up.

It was around 11 o clock last night, and, I had to stop writing. I could have continued, but I had a feeling that I would probably mess the story up more than help it. It just comes a point where, you have to put down the pen. Or the keyboard..

I think it is absolutely better if you think about your book, over time, and then add about a few pages a day or even after a few days. But, I am in a rush to get her done. I should not be. There is no deadlines, thank heavens. I think deadlines for some writers are terrible, as you can go through periods of writers blank. Or writers block. Why call it writers block? I like to call it writers blank. But, block sounds, better I guess. What if you go through a period of heavy thinking, and nothing comes out, and the deadline is fast approaching with several hundred pages to go.  Geesh... I am lucky, that I have not that problem... Thank heavens for slow sales..  Till then..


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