Went on a Marketing Blitz!

Just come back from a 2 day marketing blitz,  from the North of New Brunswick to the South.  I visited Bathurst, Mirimichi, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton,  and even Charlettetown PEI.

The bookstores loved the cover, and the product.  But,  all but one offered to put it in their bookstores.  One Chapters and Indigo store offered for to create a signing event sometime.  But,  pretty much all the stores wanted to take the book only on consignment.

Now,  from what I understand,  consignment is where I bring the books in ( I purchase them),  bring them in the store, and the store takes no risk.  They make approx 40 % profit for the service.  While all of these bookstores had the ability to order them online,  they were nervous to take a chance to put them in their bookstores.

I have sold allot of items in my day,  and I would not be scared to showcase my book anywhere.  It will sell.  I may order quite a few books, fifty or so,  and go from there.  I will decide what to do with it.  Even if I have to take over the lads lemon aid stand,  and toss it over to make room for my book stand,  so be it.  No, I can never do that...  We must use peaceful means to achieve our goals.  On other news,  I got my first check from Dog Ear,  it is for 2 books.  Interesting...  I got enough now for a cafe moca at Timothys...  Till then..


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