Was the main character bullied somewhat?

The main character was not really physically bullied.  He was just too athletic ( football player), and strong for that to happen.  I would say,  though, whatever was thrown at him,  maybe he did not realize he was being psychologically bullied by some people in the book.  He just did not realize it,  or did he.  When he got to the top,  did he do the same in the end? Or did he just not realize he was getting even?

Was he taken advantage of?  I would say yes,  quite a few times in the book.  But in the end,  a reversal of fortunes changed all of that.

If there is one thing in life,  people may go through allot of being taken advantage of.  It does not matter if it is your big cable provider charging you for a late charge for a mail strike you had no control over,  someone in the family pushing you to do something you do not want to do ( for unfair gain),  or being pushed emotionally into something you do not want to do.   Like, for example, doing other peoples work or using your resources to get their work done all the time without any thanks or recompense.  Especially when the person you are helping could do the work, or have another means to do it quite easily.   Usually when someone is taken advantage of, there is no thanks in return,  and the person causing it has his own means financially or physical means to get the job done.  We all like to see things work out fairly in life.

Here is to a time when no one is no longer taken advantage of,  but when people do it freely on their own to help someone else.  We all have to be taken advantage of in small parts of our lives,  this is normal...  We cannot be against it now and then.  As long as it is not done for a mean spirited reason... But all the time, no one deserves that without some kindness in return.

I have to go to the mother in laws,  to move some stuff.  I will be back tomorrow, if I survive.  Till then...


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