Someone asked me to sign a book today!

A person who got my book,  asked me to sign it today.  I did not know much about signing a book.  All I know, is that if we sign anything in a colored pen,  I was told it does not look professional, and at work they want us to use a black pen or blue so it can be used in a court of law.

So,  I signed under the front cover,  just below my name.  Some authors say that it is good to sign on the back of the dust jacket,  or the title page,  or the blank page that follows.  Just that it is hard for some collectors to find if it is on the blank page.  They say they do prefer just to have the name on the front,  no good reading wishes,  or hope you buy my next edition.  But,  it is the signature that counts.  And,  as they have said on certain sites, you should practice your writing your signature on a few pieces of paper before writing it on your book.  Just to make sure each one is as close to your signature as possible. Do not do arm curls with 100 lbs for 50 reps,  and then go to sign your book.  Trust me,  you will scribble all over the title page and you may be surprised at what sexual innuendo you accidentally draw!  I will try to make a stamp out of my own signature,  to avoid getting hand cramps...  Obviously I do not have to worry about this for a long time...

I will try to limit my signings to one book out of a hundred thousand.  I will have to wait perhaps my lifetime to sign another book, so it appears.  That one person that got the one signature should hold on to that book with lobster claw hand strength!  Boys,  that is making me hungry!

On other news,  it is raining here in Northern New Brunswick.  The next few days should be alright if you are visiting this region,  or wish to get an autograph...  Till then..


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