A relative noted that writing was in our blood.

I know my grandfather was a story teller.  People would come and visit,  and he would tell interesting tales that made everyone sit and pay careful attention to.  Most of my Grandfathers life was in the years where there was no television,  so the latter half of his life when television did came,  his stories still attracted people from all around the community.  My cousin,  is a journalist.  He won many awards for his coverage of news and affairs in his work.  On another note, my Dog,  loves to howl and grunt and pass gas,  telling his story to his other canine friends...  I am starting to see the link only now!

Myself,  I do not consider myself a story teller.  If a bunch of people would be at my house,  I would have a hard time to lead the conversation. I think I am the kind to analyse my surroundings.  We all know there is always one out of each crew that loves to dish out many topics of discussion.  But,  give me a piece of paper and pen,  I can jot things down and create a story to follow.  It takes me a little time to do so,  where a story teller ( maybe like a comedian on stage)  can hash out a short story to last 20 or so minutes. There are times where I have to set down the pen,  and think about how the next part will go.  Writers block does come and go,  but leaves with a good shot of whiskey.  Till then.


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