Problems with ordering stuff from a store that is Disorganized

I ordered some garage doors in June of this year.   To this date, they did not arrive yet.  This is strange,  because  I was told several times that they would be in at such and such a date,  over 8 times.

Now,  what do you do.  I will have to change stores.  This store is the most disorganized store that I have ever been to.  It seems the most of them are lost.

What every business, needs is a good manager.   A good manager,  means that the people underneath the whole system acts efficiently and is trained right.  It means the aisles are tidy,  the product is supplied at the right time for to make a sale.  It means,  he is looking at the competition and seeing ahead any threats to the business.  And rewarding customers for mistakes,  cause even the best do make a few mistakes in time.

A supermarket is much the same,  as we can see from the book...  Still waiting for doors,  till then....


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