Positioning of a book in a bookstore

I went to a book store where my book is on sale today.  I looked on the shelves,  I could not find it.  Was it on the wall shelves.  No.  Hanging from a disco light from the ceiling.  I wish!

It was behind the counter,  with some other books,  5 or so feet up from the ground.  It appears that,  after you choose a book from the shelves,  you go to the counter.  Right.  Then,  you peer across at the few books in the back shelves.  Aha,  there it is!

Personally,  I would prefer it to be placed on a shelf in its own category of humor fiction.  But,  how can you argue with the store owner,  who has not much book space to begin with.  Talk about cramming in books.  For now,  I am just pleased it is at the bookstore.  I had not really much time to go to other bookstores to do the consignment thing.  Just,  that I think it is not really worth my time,  unless I am passing by there.  I will see and keep that option open.

I understand now,  how marvel had a hard time to sell its magazines in the mid 90s.  How they did go bankrupt.  I probably will never produce part 2.  It is just too hard to sell,  with 140 million books and other entertainment out there.

For instance,  of all my friends at work,  I would think just taking a group of 30 people,  2 read.  And, what do they read.  Science fiction, suspense horror,  ect.  The rest,  have other means of entertainment.  I am thinking it is much like the story of Farenheit 451 from Ray Bradbury,  where the books are being burned where they find them illegally stashed in the houses.  Till then...


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