Planning to advertise a bit

I am finally thinking of advertising a bit on radio.  Now,  the advertising rates in New York City is average 1400 dollars for a 30 second time slot.  I do not expect to advertise there,  as I find the rates a little too steep.  I will advertise there after I see some small advertising samples do some work for me.  Places like Portland, Maine has rates of 54 dollars for a 30 second spot.  But all these rates vary with the time,  and volume of ads coming in.  So you could pay allot more for advertising than the listed rates,  or a little less.  I could get a billboard advertising somewhere.  I heard that some people even spray painted some old cars on the side of roads to get exposure to their means.  I do have a funny idea for a u tube video..  Does anyone have a camera out there :)

I may even do a few radio contests where people can win a book by calling in.  I will talk with the radio stations to get their feedback on it.  For now,  the weather here is beautiful on the North Shore of New Brunswick.  I am still waiting for my shipment of books from Dog Ear.  It is either I can bring them into some local bookstores to sell on consignment,  or leave some copies at high traffic areas,  like hospitals or clinics, or hooters bars..  Till then...


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