My cousin will recieve my book today!

My cousin,  who is a journalist will receive The Supermarket Guy today.  He mentioned that he would ask a reviewer to do a provincial piece in the paper for me,  which sounds interesting.  I have hundreds of dollars of radio ads to be put in within the next month,  so we will see how that goes. Everyone says,  that it is hard to track a radio ad success rate.  They say you have to stay on message,  like W. Bush did in his election campaigns. If you look at Al Gore,  he was a boring but smart person.  W. Bush, was not as smart but he stayed on message.  He won the election,  just barely. And won the second election handily.  I will have to hire Karl Rove to sell my books.  If you look at advertising in big papers, like the New York Times,  it could run a person up to several thousand dollars.  It takes deep pockets to do such an endeavor,  and I still have bills to pay here at the house.  It has been said,  you can even pay a person somewhere in a big city to promote your book.  This is an interesting concept,  of paying someone to sit on the side of the sidewalk and pitch your book.  I do not think I will follow the second option.

Besides that it is warm and beautiful outside here in Northern New Brunswick.  I got a haircut,  and my barber said I would need a # 6 in the near future,  as my hair is getting thin on top.  I think I am going through a mid life crisis.  Quick,  get me a beer.  Not to pour over my head, either...   Till then :)


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